The Amish people – another perspective of life

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Try to answer as many as possible of  the below mentioned questions.

If you come across other interesting information about the Amish people, then don’t hesitate to include that in your collection of Amish information.


F     What is the origin of the Amish people, why and when did they leave?


F     Where are they mainly found today?


F     Who is considered to be the founder of the movement?


F     Amish people are mainly occupied in a very few lines of business – which?


F     When we look at an Amish person we can say a lot in general about their dressing. Tell about the dress and the appearance of Amish men and women. There is a lot of history behind the dressing and the outlook, see if you can find something about that too.


F     When seeing the Amish you will probably notice the lack of technology, why is it so, and has it got any consequences for them – e.g. the high rate of children?


F     Are Amish people well educated? Describe their thought on schooling.


F     “Rumspringa” is a word used about a certain period in the life of young  Amish, what is it, when is it,                                     

       and what is the duration of it? What does it allow?





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